In July 2016, I (Leah Singer) moved from San Diego, California to Terre Haute, Indiana. At 41 years old — at midlife — I moved from the blue, left coast to a Midwest small town.

I was consistently asked questions about why I would chose to live in Indiana. As a writer, people always ask if there are enough stories to tell in a small Midwest town. And I was told that there would be nothing to do in a small town like Terre Haute after the big city life of San Diego.

But I’ve found the complete opposite to be true.

Everywhere I go – and with nearly every person I talk to – I find dozens of stories to tell. Like the story about two college students who changed city law to start Terre Haute’s first food truck as a way for college students to enjoy food during the late night hours without driving intoxicated to find it. Or the story about local community non-profits working together on a groundbreaking environmental initiative that will improve the quality of life for Terre Haute. And even a story about an Indianapolis chef who left jobs at top restaurants in big cities to help local farmers and restaurants through food waste and sustainability.

These are the stories you don’t hear about Middle America.

Stories from the Middle is a place where these stories can be heard. Only through the sharing of words and narratives will we understand our neighbors and break down the stereotypes that plague our country.

Do you know a story I should write about? Send me an email and tell me more!


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