First and Foremost, Trump Voters are People

Since Trump was elected in November 2016, pundits, scholars and the press have been tirelessly trying to understand how this non-conventional political candidate was elected. There have been hundreds of articles written and commentaries given about “studying” the Trump voter, as if they are an exotic “other,” operating on the fringes subject to examination and assessment.

Building Bridges in Greencastle

On any given day, Chef Sal Fernandez can be found creating dishes such as artisan pizza with mushrooms and fresh mozzarella cheese, bacon- wrapped prawns and a summer melon salad with prosciutto and vinaigrette. These dishes sound like they’re straight off a five-star Italian restaurant menu in Chicago, New York or San Francisco—but they are enjoyed at Bridges Craft Pizza and Wine Bar, located in the heart of Greencastle’s historic Courthouse Square.

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