First and Foremost, Trump Voters are People

Since Trump was elected in November 2016, pundits, scholars and the press have been tirelessly trying to understand how this non-conventional political candidate was elected. There have been hundreds of articles written and commentaries given about “studying” the Trump voter, as if they are an exotic “other,” operating on the fringes subject to examination and assessment.

What We Can Learn from Anthony Bourdain’s Legacy

When Anthony Bourdain died on June 8, he left a world in mourning and questions about what may have caused such a tragedy to occur. But instead of focusing on the way he died or what may have plagued him at the end, we would do better justice to Bourdain and his legacy by embracing one of the guiding principles that was present through his daily work: going to parts unknown and getting to know “the other.”

Running through the Seasons: Come fall, winter, spring and summer, runner finds her outings stretch the body, open the mind

When I moved to Terre Haute from Southern California nearly two years ago, I had many expectations. I expected I would love the abundance of greenery and landscape. I expected to appreciate the friendliness of the Midwest community. And I expected to love the four seasons. What I did not expect, however, was that I would fall in love with running, and how running throughout the seasons would become a life-changing experience.

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